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Welcome to CONSULTING & CONTROL OF WELDING, s.r.o. The company provides unique and complex solutions for our customers. Customer satisfaction is always the main goal for us. We integrated the welding, non-destructive testing, destructive testing in one company to provide complex and most satisfying solutions to our customers. The company deals in construction works of steel structures and pipelines (e.g. steam and gas pipelines). Providing full scale of services to our activities we always find the right solution for our customers. Our qualified personnel always work with the customer as integrated part of our company to create the positive enviroment during contract and thus achieving the goals as one team .

Welding & Assembly


  • Welding and assembly of pressure vessels.
  • Welding of technical equipment class A and B (natural gas).
  • Inspection & Repairs of worn parts, or in case of breakdowns.
  • Welding acc. to specified requirements.
  • Pipelines contruction, repairs, steel structures, etc.


To preserve the quality of the welds we support our team and our customers by WPS and WPQRs. Defining the correct welding techniques and procedures is an important step before the welding. This allows us to eliminate the possible weld imperfections and defects, that could lead to breakdowns, or additional costs for NDT and weld repairs.

Non Destructive Testing

  • UTT Ultrasonic thickness testing.


Our skilled Level II certified  NDT proffesionals are able to support your quality department to secure your high-quality production, or simply to inspect the parts to find out the possible defects in materials. Our NDT provides services within the EU except the RT/RTG, which we can provide with current licences from the local authorities within the Slovak and Czech republic. We have also experience with RT/RTG in Hungary.  All Level II NDTs are supervised by Level III (all methods) NDT, who is certified according the valid EN and ASME stamdards. We can also train your staff and provide you the inspection procedures for your products. I want to know more!

Destructive testing

Macrostructure & Microstructure.

Hardness tests,  brittle fracture tests, impact test.

PMI - Positive Material Identification - Material chemical analysis.



Education, training, certification

Training and certification - NDT personell, welders, IWE, EWE, etc.

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